Phoenix, Arizona


Landscape Management

A clean, colorful, well-manicured landscape drives business sales, creates better workplaces and provides a better environment for our families. We take pride in keeping your property in beautiful condition.

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Tree Care

Trees produce oxygen, intercept airborne particulates, and reduce smog, effectively cleaning the air around us. They enhance a community’s respiratory health, as well as bring shade and curb appeal to your property.

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Water Management

Water is a precious resource, particularly in our desert climate. Precise, modern water management practices respect the environment as well as saving money from needlessly draining away.

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Landscape Planning

Landscape Planning is a delicate balance that enhances the existing features of an area while adding functionality and beauty.

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Landscape Enhancements

Keep your area looking fresh and well cared for by paying attention to the small things: rock fill, trash monitoring  and continuous planting. Landscape enhancements make the environment the best it can be.

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Research & Development

At NexGen Landscaping, we believe in learning and growing every day. We are committed to bettering ourselves and our community through new landscape practices, employee training and the latest resource management technology.

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