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Landscape Management

All businesses know that for company efficiency to be at its optimum, then employees as well as clients alike must be kept happy. When it comes to working spaces, landscaping can be used as an insensitive to promote employee productivity as well as job satisfaction. Companies that significantly invest in landscaping tend to have more satisfied workers. Such conducive environments give workers the drive to do their job to the utmost best. It has been documented that such working environments encourage the generation of ideas, problem solving capabilities as well inter relational understanding. Also, clients who may visit such establishments tend to be calmer and more relaxed, aspects that could make them frequent the place more often. This also serves to promote the brand image in both the short and long term, especially given that such an image would portray environmental conservation.

Through our advanced landscape management practices we deliver a few features that makes our service a complete game changer!

State of the Art Software

  • Sets to our crews tablets a set schedule to be arriving at the properties at consistent times and to eliminate missed service days.
  • Logs before and after photos that are time and date stamped to document the work for the day.
  • Checklist can be added to each form to ensure communication of special requests between  account manager and foreman.
  • Proactive approach by identifying leaks or down trees foreman’s are trained to document photos add notes and sent straight to the office. ( This Feature is also available for user in NexGen Landscaping app store)

Our team has one goal and that is to make a difference in the community. We take pride in keeping your property in beautiful condition. A clean, colorful, well manicured landscape drives business sales, creates better workplaces, and is a better enviroment to raise our families in. Let us keep your landscape beautiful for generations to come.

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