Phoenix, Arizona

Research & Development

At NexGen Landscaping, we believe in learning and growing every day. We are committed to bettering ourselves and our community through new landscape practices, employee training, and the latest resource management technologies.

We value personal and professional development and believe that ongoing education and new skills benefit our clients and the community.

Our commitment to enrichment includes:

  • Membership in professional organizations to always be in sync with the latest industry trends
  • Exchanging information and best practices information with our fellow landscaping businesses
  • Developing new skills in water management, tree care and plant health
  • Continuous training for our personnel

NexGen is a proud member of the Arizona Landscape and Contractors Association.

In addition, NexGen Landscaping’s founder Chase Farris is one of the few Certified Sustainable Landscape Management Professionals in Arizona.

We plan to incorporate more sustainable methods into our services soon, such as quieter, environmentally-friendly bio-diesel and electric equipment.

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